Bantam League standings thru February 3 give or take a stray unreported score are posted. They are listed under “Schedules” in the Grade School section.

Playoffs will begin the week of February 22, 2016 with two champions to be crowned in AAA/AAAA and A/AA in the 4th,5th and 6th grade divisions.


Thank you to all the teams, players, coaches and honorees who made the 2016 Hall of Fame weekend a big success! Its hard to put into words what a SOLD OUT Hall of Fame Brunch at the Doubletree Hotel, 3 SOLD OUT games at the High School Classic mean to me. This past weekend was everything I envisioned a basketball celebration of Western PA basketball and I hardly the words to express my gratitude to so many who did so much.

Plans are under way for Hall of Fame weekend 2017!


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On a dark, overcast fall night, I was pulled to the side of Montour High School….. And a dark, muffled voice came from an oversized topcoat  said, “I’m the Guru and I know basketball and I am coming to Pittsburgh Basketball Club”.  As he was at the gym already, I thought he was already there but I did not wish to chance a lightning bolt hitting me. Was this a Goosebumps novel I just stepped into?… I was pretty sure I was not going to save 15% on my car insurance at the end of this of conversation.

I asked the Guru his name, he said just Guru. I asked him where he was from, he said he couldn’t tell me, I asked him why is he called the Guru, I was told I asked too many questions…..

After the pleasantries , we talked shop. I found out the Guru knows his basketball. I never really followed this ranking business but found the Guru did and he could have been a lifetime season ticket holder to the PBC leagues.

So for the upcoming season I am most pleased to have “The Guru” share his expertise on the basketball player and team rankings industry in Western PA. We also hope to have a Guru’s “Fray of the Day” game of the week (in honor of Deuce) as well as his giving a more inside perspective on the players at the PBC regular season and grass roots event’s.

The Guru’s opinions are just his and I am looking forward to the Guru’s weekly player and team ranking as well as his Game of the Week.

All hail the Guru! And welcome!



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1. Aliquippa 

The champs are here! Because they’re the champs. The Quips are good, but I think people are really overlooking how big of a loss Gilmore is. Humphries, Pugh, and Jordan make a “Big 3”, but will it be enough for a repeat?

2. Lincoln Park

LP just might be the Guru’s pick to win AA. Nelly Cummings is lightning-quick and Zay Craft is one of the more underrated players around, the Leopards are looking to get to the Pete after under-achieving last season.

3. Bishop Canevin
Canevin returns all 5 starters, including one of the better back courts in the WPIAL, in Mitchell King and Walter Bonds. The Crusaders also lean on senior Justin Dix do-it-all Small Forward.
4. Seton LaSalle
Losing Ryan Norkus is huge. Tough to replace what he brought each night. But Seton still has Ford and Helton, not to mention some pretty good young talent.
5. Wash High
This team is tough and it’s very tough to play in their arena. The big man in the middle, Nate Swart, returns for his Senior season, to play alongside Popeck & Pulliam. Their Head Coach has won a million games and they play tough.
Teams to Watch: Shadyside Academy, OLSH, Neshanock


2016 Hall of Fame weekend is January 30, 31, 2016. This year’s Hall of Fame selections have been listed in the events section. The 2016 Hall of Fame Brunch will be held January 30, 2016 at the Airport Doubletree Hotel.

The 2016 Pgh High School Classic will be held January 30-31, 2016 at the Montour Sports Complex on the campus of Montour High School. Tickets to the Brunch as well as game schedules for the High School Classic will be posted shortly.